What to expect

An assessment will be followed by a discussion on your expectations and needs to enable us to set goals to ensure treatment is focused and meaningful. Goals will be reviewed to assess progress at regular intervals.

Treatment can be in a clinic environment or if necessary in your own home, work place or gym. Treatment may involve:

  • Movement retraining
  • Practice of functional tasks

  • Strengthening work

  • Mobilisations of joints and soft tissues

  • Balance work

  • Core stability training

  • Postural management

  • Gait re-education

  • Developing fitness and progressing to exercising independently of a therapist

All information you provide regarding your care will be treated confidentially as determined by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s Codes of Practice.When communication is required to other health practitioner’s regarding your care reports and letters will be sent at the relevant time.

“I was discharged from hospital just able to walk and feeling quite despondent. Jo tailored a programme of exercises to build my core muscles which increased my stability and guided me to a full recovery. People are now surprised that I had a severe stroke and especially that I was able to return to skiing within 18 months. Well done Jo and many thanks.”

65 year old male after Stroke