Pilates Classes

‘In ten sessions you will feel a difference, in twenty you will see a difference, in thirty you will have a whole new body’ Joseph H Pilates

Classes are run on a Tuesday evening at Goring Methodist Church, Worthing, West Sussex for 3 different levels; beginners, intermediate, intermediate/advanced.

Classes are restricted to 12 students and students are taught the Classical Pilates mat repertoire with some use of small pieces of equipment including magic circles, small balls and bands. We always aim to find a new challenge!

To attend classes you need to be mostly pain free and on the road to recovery if you have had an injury, be able to sustain constant levels of activity for 55 minutes and move between standing, sitting and lying with ease and without assistance. If you still have specific goals to achieve then individual 1-2-1 sessions will be more appropriate until you are ready to join a class.

To join the classes you need to have attended a beginners workshop or a 1-2-1 session with myself.

Classes run on a six week rolling basis and students pay for classes in six weeks blocks in advance at a cost of £42.

“No matter how grim an evening or tired I may feel I know that by the end of Jo’s class I will feel better in mind and body. I have given up many classes in the past but am never bored in Jo’s class and always feel that I am being challenged to improve.

I would even go as far to say her classes are fun! I am definitely stronger and have greater confidence in my body.”

Pilates student who attends classes
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