What is Neurological Physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy refers to the specialist approach of Physiotherapists who assess and treat clients with neurological problems.

These problems are due to damage in the brain or spinal cord in the central nervous system or in the peripheral nerves (the nerves that have left the spinal cord and are in the arms, legs and trunk). The damage to the nervous system can be due to disease or injury. Neurological physiotherapists have specific knowledge about:

  • how the brain and spinal cord function in order to control movement
  • how all the different systems that are involved in the make-up of the nervous system interact

  • what happens to the nervous system in disease or injury

Neurological physiotherapists are also specialists in understanding body movement. They draw on their observation skills in order to analyse movement, assess the reason for the problem and be able to provide a sound basis for treatment or management. They use their specialist handling skills along with their knowledge base to facilitate movement, maximise function and independence.

"We will aim to work together to achieve the best well being for you as an individual; either through a burst of treatment, an MOT to review progress, a one off session for help and advice or through an individually tailored exercise programme."