For Health Professionals

The approach to the individual is holistic and mindful of all facets of the individual including a cognitive, social, emotional, psychological and cultural context. Therefore treatment is not standardised as no two individuals are the same. The emphasis is on enablement and self-management.

Referrals are accepted from all other health professionals and I will be happy to discuss individual cases to see if a referral would be appropriate. Please use the Contact information page.

Clients are able to self refer.

Reports will be sent to the referring clinician when required and for other clinic appointments.

In the case where client’s individual needs are outside of the remit of physiotherapy referrals can be made to other local health professionals as necessarily. These may include Speech and Language Therapy Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology.

The frame work provided by the WHO for the ICF is used as base to identify impairments and provide treatment that positively impacts an individual’s levels of activity and eventual participation in their own environment and the wider community. This can be achieved by either improving an individual’s impairments, optimising function within their current level of impairment or by favourably changing an individual’s environment.

EBP is ensured by frequent CPD with examination of recent evidence. I have local links with other neurological physiotherapists for peer review and continuing development.

Objectivity in treatment is achieved by using validated outcome measures and SMART goals.

"The emphasis is on enablement, self-management and well-being"